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With worldwide thousands of women working in the music industry, attention is still mostly focused on – men..

Statistics don’t lie: there are less female songwriters, less female producers and less female musicians with hits and big successes to their names. However: we don’t believe in the idea that women are making music of lesser quality. There are plenty of examples of women who, given the opportunity, are able to deliver that success.

Therefore, it is time for a change of emphasis in the music business, and that’s why we started ‘The Write Girls’.

In order to help transform the music business into a place where women (righteously) get the opportunities they deserve, we start by transforming our own musical workplace.

Our songwriters have written for dozens of projects already and in Summer ’19 we had our first #3 hit in Belgium (Isabelle A – with “2 Seconden”), only weeks after our foundation!

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The Write Girls is music publishing 2.0. We do all the important stuff music publishers do; we collect pitch leads, pitch your songs to the international music community and expose your songs, toplines, tracks and beats through our platform to artists and film-, tv- and record company A&R’s looking for songs. (All of this on song-to-song basis: so, no long-term exclusive contracts.) But, we do more:


Become part of a global community of female songwriters, producers and music industry professionals. Share music, stories and experiences and gather information, organise sessions and get in touch with other pro’s.


We work in close cooperation with Las Negras Camps for our forthcoming exclusive Songwriting Camp in Andalusia, Spain and will help you set up writing sessions around the world. Also, we will be setting up special conferences. Subscribe to our newsletter so you will stay informed.


We organize coaching, classes, workshops, Q&A’s with inspiring and successful female songwriters, producers and trailblazers who know the way, exclusively accessible to our writers. This way we empower and support each other and develop our skills.


Part of the publisher-share of song royalties will be cashed back to the writers. That is very unique indeed. With this you can build up funding for equipment investment, songwriting trips. Of course the amount in your ‘fund’ depends on how much of a catalogue you build up.

And yes, we will also work with (the write) boys 😉


The Write Girls is aimed at female pro songwriters; that means all songwriters working in the pro music scene, who aspire to grow and develop their skills and are diligent and ambitious.

Within TWG we strive to empower and help each other where we can, as much as we can. This is our first and foremost goal. If possible, some of us can make themselves available from time to time to give info and workshops for ‘songwriters-in-the-making’.

NOW! Let us know if you are interested, so we can talk about your possibilities today.

Please fill out the form below, preferably with max three Soundcloud links to your original song material (please, no MP3’s). Send us a private link and add to the notes: the lyrics, full credits, writing splits and publishing info of all the involved writers).

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